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 Ranks!!! ..

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Ranks!!! .. Empty
PostSubject: Ranks!!! ..   Ranks!!! .. EmptyThu Apr 16, 2009 3:29 pm

As you know, our forum is starting to become more complex as days are passing by.
Here are some sugestions about the ranks.
If you have any ideas just let us know [ PM OR POST].

Special ranks:
* Serenity Member
*Drug dealer
*Police Member
*Police officer

Normal ranks:

*Supervisor 0
*Recruit 50
*Trainer 150
*Arthan 210
*Senior 324
*Elite 455
*Lt.Colonel 600
*Lt. Colonel II 790
* General 1000


Edit by Farrow Marianne:

Dupa cum stiti, forumul va deveni mai compex in zilele ce urmeaza.
Aici aveti cateva sugestii pentru rankuri.
Daca aveti orice idee, doar spuneti-ne [ prin Mesaj Privat sau Postare ].

~ rankurile vor fi puse numai in engleza ~

Ranks!!! .. Goodnightkiss
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Ranks!!! ..
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